Canal Pirates is a children’s adventure of the present and the past where four kids find themselves transported back in time and have to be braver than any real cutthroat pirates of old.

Nancy moves to Camden in London with her parents and meets the members of the Pirate gang; three boys, Pat, Kevin and Jack that mess about on boats on the Regents Park Canal.

When Nancy undergoes a scary initiation to become a member of the Pirate gang she falls into the canal and an old barge lamp is found hidden in the canal’s murky depths. The barge lamp takes them back to the past where they meet Elizabeth, a young girl and her Grandfather living on a working barge called the Nessie.

The four kids discover that Elizabeth and her Grandfather die in a fire aboard the Nessie. A fire deliberately set by the owners of a boatyard where the Nessie is docked when not working. The arson attack is only three days away- should the four kids stay and save them from the fire, or leave the past, and return to the future? If they stay too long, will they be stuck in the past?



Jack Bates and the Wizard's Spell is the first in a series of books chronicling the adventures of Jack and his friends in the wonderful world of the OTHER.

A rollercoaster ride among strange creatures and strange landscapes, and magic! It combines true history with myth and legend. A story that is different than any other you may have read.


Bates and the Wizard’s Spell will be enjoyed by kids of all ages, from eight to eighty and beyond. It has everything: action, adventure, enchantment, romance, wizardry and the possibility it might have happened. The reader will travel with Jack on his journey from a shy, introverted boy to a courageous young leader and his character will resonate with the reader, be they kids, or adults.


The tales premise is simple and related to the reader by a creature you see regularly in gardens and shines a light on historical fact, the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower. Could it be true? Who knows? The bodies of the two princes have never been found. The reader is given a bird’s eye view of darker events you never see - unless, of course, wizard Foy comes for you!



Michael Ellis takes you on a journey through decades of the shadow government's decisions to work and trade with aliens. Who are the Tall Whites? What do they want from us and planet Earth?

Mike Rowland and a group of friends go away on a weekend sports trip in Nevada. A trip that ends in tragic circumstances after the plane they are flying crashes in area 51; a top-secret government base patrolled by armed personnel, with trigger fingers. Will Mike and his friends live to tell the tale?

The story revolves around the government conspiracy in Roswell after an Alien craft crashes in the area in 1947. It brings together famous names from both past and present, Presidents, and the most wanted man in America - Edward Snowden – who shone a light on those that govern us and their ambition to create a Big Brother human surveillance tracking system. And he says it is already here and in operation…

For more information on this and other conspiracies please check out the links below:

Michael Ellis (author) facebook page:

Davd Icke Forums:



There is an old gangland saying: he's one of our own... a term used in London's underworld meaning certain people are vouched for as stand-up guys that can be trusted, by other criminals.

This is the true story of one of London gangland's notorious characters, Joe Wilkins.

This man was known to have a fearsome reputation in the criminal underworld. But little did Joe's fellow gangsters know he was also working undercover for MI6 as a paid informer; Tony O’Leary reveals Joe Wilkins’ story, from getting an early release from prison arranged by his MI6 handlers six months into a ten-year sentence for smuggling to his criminal rampage of evil supported and funded by the very people paid to protect the public at large.

How do you stop a man who has the backing of the Police, MI6, and Government? This book reveals everything...



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